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Gareth Williams made the XC National team.  Wow!  This is pretty special.  First time ever for a Telemark XC athlete.

National Team Post

Julia Ransom continues to impress on the Biathlon National team. I think Telemark has a lot to be proud of having both Julia and now Gareth making it to the National Level.  Julia is on Canada’s “eh” team – which means she is likely to be selected for the Olympic team if all goes as expected.

Follow Gareth’s adventure on his personal web page.

Follow Julia’s adventure on her personal web page.


Obstacles to Telemark’s New Okanagan Racers Program

The statistics are concerning.  In BC 86% of our youth exit the sport of cross country skiing upon completing high school.

skiers leave after high school

While it is clear that many have new priorities that take them in other directions, there are a significant number who would continue skiing if they could.  For the post-high-school athletes who would ski if they could, the barriers are:

a) nowhere to go that makes it possible to attend university or college while training.

b) nowhere affordable or close to home to train at a high level.  The Canadian National Training Centers (NTCs) in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta, at $10s of thousands per year not including food and accommodations, are the only place these athletes can go to progress in high level competition.  Pursuing post secondary education while at a Canadian NTC is pretty much impossible.

Last spring we got together with Larch Hills, Sovereign, and Nickel Plate and started a little initiative called Okanagan Racers to make it feasible for BC athletes to continue to ski race after high school. The success of this little initiative has been quite astounding and now we are eager to take it to the next level.  We are hoping our club membership will join us and participate:

Obstacle #1:  Accommodations

We currently have 4 young students / cross country skiers confirmed, with another 7 expected, who are moving to Kelowna to train with Okanagan Racers this season and they are looking for a place to rent.

These students will be attending either Okanagan College, UBC-O or Kelowna Secondary School AND training at Telemark evenings and weekends, so ideally need to be centrally located. Areas like old Glenmore,  downtown, Capri, Guisachan, hospital, college and the lower mission area and close to the main bus route linking downtown/college/UBC-O. Possession could be as early as July or August.  From the athletes: “We are willing to sign a year-long lease, or just ’til spring 2018, whichever suits the landlord.  We are “clean living” young athletes, non-drinkers and non-smokers.  We are responsible young adults who will all be very busy studying and training.”

If anyone know of suitable accommodations please contact Jill Stamp (

Obstacle #2: Transportation

You all know what it is like.  These student-athletes are moving here without a vehicle and they are starving students.  They face an additional barrier that other students do not face — “how am I going to get to Telemark or Larch Hills or Sovereign or Nickel Plate evenings and weekends to train?”  With at least 11 new athletes coming to add to the 5 we supported last year, transportation logistics rises in importance.  We are seeking ideas / solutions.

Obstacle #3: Cost / Corporate Sponsor

A major goal in launching Okanagan Racers was to keep it affordable.  To that end, we are currently in the market for at least one major corporate sponsor to adopt the Okanagan Racers team.  These are special people and this is a special opportunity to align your business with fantastic role models, high standards, and success.  Please contact Brent Hobbs ( if you have interest or suggestions.

Thank you very much.



Telemark is Closed for the Season

Our non-profit sports club would like to thank the members, staff, volunteers, suppliers, contractors, visitors and sponsors for making this another successful season. The club has improved in a number of ways. We are look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Personal emergencies call 911.

Telemark Skier Wins Gold at World Championships

Francis Stanley, a Telemark Nordic team member, won a gold medal in the top division of the classic 2.5 km event at this weeks Special Olympic World Championships in Austria. Congratualtions to Francis and his coach Garth Vickers.

Ski and Snowshoe Trail Condition Updates on Twitter

If it’s good enough for Donald it’s good enough for Telemark. Look for the most current trail condition information on Twitter. Please post information about the conditions on our trails their. Click here for the Telemark Nordic twitter page.

Sunday, March 26 – Last Day  – Thefts in the Parking Lot – Still Not

Because of your vigilance there have not been any break-ins in the parking lot reported so far this season. Do not leave valuables in  your car, even in the trunk. Report any suspicious activity immediately to the West Kelowna RCMP at 911.

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