Current Trail Conditions

Air Temp 26.7C, RH 21.3%, Dewpoint 2.8C
Snow Temperature 25.8C
Lodge Temperature 23.4C
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Telemark Stadium Webcam

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Current Trail Conditions Sunday, March 26, 2017

Time: 09:00 Weather:  Sunny Temperature: 0 C New Snow fall at Lodge: 0 cm Snow Depth at Lodge Gauge:  68 cm Panorama Gauge: 63 cm e Carol Gauge: 99 cm e Crystal Gauge: 106 cm e Light Until: 06:00 PM.

General Ski and Snowshoe Trail Conditions:   09:00  Last day of grooming. We groomed today. The ski trails are in excellent shape. Snowshoe trails too. We are into the spring freeze thaw cycle so it can get icy especially early in the day, and fast in spots. We are closed call 911 if you are experiencing an emergency. Click here for a short article explaining grooming at Telemark. Click here for a short article explaining why you don’t snowshoe on groomed cross country ski trails. Below is the daily grooming plan that can change based on weather and equipment issues. For the latest trail information see the board on the way in.

Ski Trail  Last Groomed  Level
Stadium March 26 Beginner
Biathlon Range March 25 Beginner
Forest Lane March 26 Beginner
Memory Lane March 26 Beginner
Squirrel March 26 Beginner
Rabbit March 26 Intermediate
Easy Street March 26 Intermediate
Roller Coaster March 26 Intermediate
Summer Road March 25 Intermediate
Fern Creek March 26 Intermediate
Telemark March 26 Intermediate
Panorama March 25 Inter/Advanced
High Country March 25 Intermediate
Connector March 26 Advanced
Carol March 26 Advanced
Crystal Rim March 25 Advanced
Racing Trail 1 March 4 Advanced
Racing Trail 2 March 2 Advanced
Racing Trail 3 January 20 Advanced

Live Groomer Check-in

Here is today’s groomer travel record.  The dots are 2.5 minute intervals:

skitrails report