Grooming at Telemark

Why is wet snow a big problem from cross country trail groomers? Have you ever wondered why groves and balls of snow appear in the skate lane, even though there is lots of snow? Click here to download or read an article that explains why.

When the season starts there are processes that must be completed before the trails are opened. Rolling is the first step. Click here to learn more about this grooming task.


November 25th:

Snow levels:  Lodge:  20 cm  Mid Station Fern and Carol (both ends 22cm)   Crystal and High Country First Intersection: 26 cm. Snow is a bit damp so should set nicely.

Gate: Locking Fern Creek / Glenn Rosa gate tomorrow PM. Some 4×4 tracks in the usual places from mid up.

 Current Weather: Weather info at the chalet is now displayed on the Telemark home page, upper right. Been snowing medium hard here for 2.5 hours. Snow a little wet.

Rolling: John starting tomorrow. Two machine will be rolling after Phil and Lyle install the tracks on Thursday. It is looking good right now.

Nov. 26th

Snow levels: 63 cm at the lodge gauge. Yes that is 63 cm. Big dump last night. The snow was medium wet. Rolling is very tough as the snow is just so deep. You can barley turn the skidoos without a roller. John was going to track pack Telemark and some inners with the PB. Hopefully we can do some rolling after that. The parking lots hasn’t been shovelled so be careful. We put a lane down to the chain with the PB. Also, the power is out.

Nov. 27th 9:00 am – The power just came back on. We have 61 cm at the lodge gauge. It looks like we had some wet snow last night but it is about 0C now and there has been some shrinkage. The snow is wet and it is foggy. We will track pack the inners and Telemark today or tomorrow and then start rolling in earnest. Eric- Should we track pack and roll fern creek too? The Kubota should be good to go with tracks and Ginzu today but we only want Lyle, Phil or John driving it until we are use to it and they can do some training for a few more people. We have two rollers so one will be used with the Ginzu and one with the new yellow skidoo with the second. The black skidoo is running and old yellow skidoo is in the shop getting fixed. If you have some time and want to roll let Ron know as he is setting the rolling schedule. It doesn’t look like any rolling can be done on a trail as there is so much wet snow. Please be careful out there. John G. is bring up two skidoo helmets and please use them when you are rolling.

Nov. 28 Noon – So we are going to let the show dry out with the cold weather coming and John is going to track pack the inners and Fern tomorrow early Saturday. Telemark has been track packed twice so if you are rolling start on Telemark. Again, if you are going to roll talk to Ron first to make sure there isn’t someone doing it already. It seems to be cooling off abit and we had maybe a cm of new snow. The plan is to open in Monday Dec. 1.

Nov. 30 – John groomed Telemark and all inner but Memory this AM. It is cold but sunny . He was to track pack Fern and possibly Carol and High Country too but I’m not sure if he did. Scott rolled Pano yesterday and was surprised how much snow there was up there. No rocks showing on the cliff. If you want to roll, roll Fern Carol and High Country. Regular grooming schedule starts tomorrow as we are open. Yahoo. There are skidoo helmet in the skidoo shed to be worn. Let’s be safe out there.

Dec. 1 – Everything has been rolled but High Country and Crystal. Phil groomed all of Panorama today and it is good. Tomorrow he will groom Fern. If you want to roll, then roll High Country first, then Crystal.

Dec. 2 – Not much to report. Phil track packed High Country. More of the same conditions. I’m at home with the flu. I will talk to Lyle tonight and we will groom Teley,  inners and Fern on Wednesday, and track pack Crystal. On Thursday Scott will roll the middles of High Country and Crystal to get the middle packed. Looking at pulling back on Thursday if no snow. Phil, John and Lyle – I will call you each evening so we can set the next days grooming plan. Also – For the grooming conditi0ns website report write the trails you plan to groom on the back of the office door like usual, when you come it. We can them complete the trail conditions page at 8 am. Thanks and work safe!




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