Grooming at Telemark

Why is wet snow a big problem from cross country trail groomers? Have you ever wondered why groves and balls of snow appear in the skate lane, even though there is lots of snow? Click here to download or read an article that explains why.

When the season starts there are processes that must be completed before the trails are opened. Rolling is the first step. Click here to learn more about this grooming task.



November 18, 2015 – We got about 12 cm of snow at the lodge yesterday. Larry is going to try rolling and see how it looks.

Nov. 19 – Thursday, November 19, 2015:  We have 15 cm of snow at the lodge and usually more as you climb. Ron to do some rolling on Telemark on Friday and decide further action from there. I’II check snow depths at Fern Crk and High Country / Crystal.

Nov. 20 – There is about 14 cm of snow holding at the lodge. At mid station gauges at Teley/Pano and Carol/Fern there is 30 cm. There is 30 cm at High/Crystal gauge. We can start rolling. Focus on the inners and Telemark, and then move out from there. There is only one roller as the second roller only fits on the Kubota so let Ron know if you are going to roll so that there are not any conflicts. I’m going to lock the Jack Creek on Glenrosa tomorrow morning.

Nov. 21 – Scott is going to roll Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Nov. 21 – Phil installed the Kubota tracks today so we can roll with it too when needed.

Nov. 22 – No more rolling needed until further notice. Tracks are on the Kubota but talk to Ron about any skidoo use. Someone should get up High and Crystal for tree removal. Pano too, if Scott didn’t remove falls today.

Nov. 24 – We received 4-5 cm of snow last night. Was hoping for more. If you would like to roll schedule it with Ron as we are struggling with the skidoos. Still not enough snow to open. Phil rolled and cleared High Country, Crystal North, Carol and Connector today. Adam rolled Telemark to the Pano intersection and Summer Road. So the only places that haven’t been rolled are Fern Valley and Fern hill to Crystal Intersection, Panorama, and Crystal south. 10 more cm and we should be able to open some trails. Scott and Ron are taking the yellow skidoos into Banner Wednesday so we need the Kubota at 2:30 PM to load skidoos. The black skidoo and Kubota are ok for rolling.

Nov. 25 – 1 pm. Snow holding well. Rodney and Mick cleared ss trails, and Panorama ski trail, so please roll it. Downhill on Telemark after the lookout needs rolling and continue on the inner trails. Ron will check Fern valley. Fern hill should be truck packed. There is enough snow to roll Carol, Connector, flat Fern and High Country. Kubota and skidoo working but schedule all use with Ron before taking it out. We need to know where you are working for safety. There are charged radios in the office to take if you go out alone.

3 pm – Fern Valley has enough snow to roll but there is an medium size tree on the ground, across the trail that has to be taken out. There may be more after it as I had to turn around with the roller. Let me know if you want to remove it. We can then roll Fern, High Country, Connector, Carol, possibly Crystal South. Rod and Mick cleared Panorama of any trees and did one roll so it should be rolled too. If you are planning to roll scheulde it with Ron so there will be a roller to use when you come, and that we keep track of what has been rolled.

Nov. 26 – Noon – Rod and Mick cleared Fern Valley and Fern hill and rolled it. Panorama has also been rolled. Will roll North Rabbit this morning.

Nov. 27 – 2:00 PM Rod and Mick cleared Fern Valley and rolled it up to Fern/Crystal intersection. They said that they were surprised how much snow as on the hill. All Rabbit has been rolled again. The North side has groves from the linemen who forgot to put up the line when they replaced 6 lights on Rabbit two weeks ago. Unlike last year, it was warm and wet, then snowed. The ice on the trails is thin and you will be breaking through if you go over frozen puddles. Rabbit south had about 4 cm of fresh snow on it so it came out well. Has anyone rolled East Street?

Nov. 28 – 11:30 am – Rod is on Fern hill cutting back willow that is encroaching on the trails. Scott is going to do some rolling on the North end to0 capture some of the drifting snow, on Saturday morning, and possibly some tree clearing on Crystal south. Same old, same old. Cold temperatures, snow holding and no new snow.

4:00 pm – Rolled out Panorama and hill on Telemark and hung safety bags.





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